C# 5.0 Pocket Reference

C# 5.0 Pocket Reference, 1st EditionTitle: C# 5.0 Pocket Reference
Instant Help for C# 5.0 Programmers
By: Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format: PDF, EPUB
Released: May 2012
Pages: 224

When you need answers for programming with C# 5.0, this practical and tightly focused book tells you exactly what you need to know—without long introductions or bloated samples. Easy to browse, it’s ideal as quick reference or as a guide to get you rapidly up to speed if you already know Java, C++, or an earlier version of C#.

Written by the authors of C# 5.0 in a Nutshell, this book covers the entire C# 5.0 language, including:

  • All of C#’s fundamentals
  • Advanced topics such as operator overloading, type constraints, covariance & contravariance, iterators, nullable types, operator lifting, lambda expressions & closures
  • LINQ, starting with sequences, lazy execution and standard query operators, and finishing with a complete reference to query expressions
  • Dynamic binding and C# 5.0’s new asynchronous functions
  • Unsafe code & pointers, custom attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

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