Discovering SQL

Discovering SQL
Title: Discovering SQL
By: Alex Kriegel
Publisher: Wiley / Wrox
Format: PDF
Released: March 2011
Pages: 480

Discover best practices for turning data into information you can use

Structured Query Language, more popularly known as SQL, is a standard database language used to create, access and manipulate data, and store and maintain information in relational databases such as Access®, SQL Server®, Oracle®, and MySQL®. If that’s all you know about SQL, then you’re already ahead of the curve! Assuming no prior knowledge of SQL or relational databases, author Alex Kriegel takes you on a voyage of discovery as you learn SQL basics and learn to work with data stored in a relational database. Written in a beginner-friendly tone, this guide walks you through the creation of a sample database that incorporates all the SQL concepts taught throughout the book and also introduces data modeling, query tuning, and optimization.

Discovering SQL:

  • Covers the most important SQL dialects along with the current release of SQL Standard
  • Highlights the differences between particular implementations as well as the power and limitations of SQL
  • Demonstrates how SQL deals with all types of data: structured, unstructured and everything in between
  • Looks at dynamic SQL, procedural extensions and latest developments in the field
  • Shares best practices for optimizing query performance
  • Walks you through the basics of database design and introduces the tools for working with normalized data

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