Professional jQuery

Title: Professional jQuery
By: Cesar Otero, Rob Larsen
Publisher: Wiley / Wrox
Format: PDF, EPUB
Released: April 2012
Pages: 336

A complete, in-depth look at jQuery

If you’re looking for a single resource that completely encompasses jQuery and related technologies, then look no further. This authoritative guide dives right into exploring jQuery, the leading framework used for standards-based, client-side web development. You’ll discover how jQuery is structured so that it can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks and you’ll learn how to integrate jQuery into your web pages. The authors provide helpful lessons and valuable examples so that you can get a firm grasp on how best to maximize the capabilities of jQuery.

  • Begins with a look at where to access the latest version of jQuery and reviews a number of useful tools to help get started with this popular framework
  • Describes how to manipulate DOM elements, work with HTML forms, and create visual effects
  • Covers working with AJAX and JSON
  • Explains techniques for using and developing jQuery plugins
  • Details developing jQuery for mobile devices

You’ll quickly see for yourself why jQuery is rapidly growing in popularity as developers are looking to build sites that are fully functional today and can handle the technologies of tomorrow.

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